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The pallet rack is made by assembling two basic elements, frames and beams, by simple fitting, screws, joints or safety pins. Frames are the vertical elements of the structure and consist of uprights, diagonals and crossbars. The beams are the horizontal elements that constitute the support for the pallets.

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Configure the warehouse according to your needs. Safe, robust, durable and easy to assemble, it is the final solution for storing pallets. Patented, designed and built by certified MANUFACTURERS.

The weight of the pallets placed on the beams is transmitted to the columns by means of special connectors.

The uprights are achored to the floor with Conexpad (expansion bolt) or Chemical anchors. The beams provide a good distribution of loads on the uprights. Their fixing during assembly is guaranteed by safety pins, screws, etc. that lock the beams in the positions established during installation.

The selected suppliers shall provide a safety factor, in order to guarantee the resistance of the shelves to accidentally exceeding the rated loads.

The products sold through the platform offer the best technical and financial solutions, the selection of suppliers being very rigorous. The offers generated by the platform are those obtained from top companies on the industrial shelving market

The installation is done as quickly as possible, by a specialized assemby team, regardless of the brand and origin of the racks.

Delivery will be  made within the contractually agreed time. If certain products are in stock at one of our suppliers, you can choose to purchase them or you can select a supplier with a certain production or delivery time, depending on your needs and preferred waiting time.

Product Details

Choosing contrasting colors for frames and beams will bring more visibility and safety to your storage system.
Conventional metal pallet racks are available with the following finishes:
Galvanized, Painted, Hot deep Galvanized or Stainless Steel.

Standard (Order available)

Galvanized / RAL Blue

Galvanized / White

Galvanized / Metalic Aluminium

Galvanized / RAL Yellow

Galvanized / RAL Grey

Galvanized / RAL Grey

Galvanized / RAL Orange

Galvanized / RAL Orange

Special colors (with minimum order)

Galvanized / RAL Color

Galvanized / RAL color

Galvanized / RAL color

Galvanized / RAL color



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