ProfiCircle is the first vertical marketplace for the commercial equipment.

What makes us unique?

We make global sourcing seamless.

Buyers will enjoy an intuitive product discovery process and receive instant quotes enabled through machine learning,
price optimization, multi-level online bidding processes and payment automation technologies.

Leveraging the platform’s digital workflow and collaboration tools, Sellers will access a new digital B2B distribution channel and the opportunity to enter new geographical markets that were previously out of reach.


Describe the technology

ProfiCircle uses a SaaS workflow software to focus action around longer-term projects.
The marketplace is built using state-of the art technologies like blockchain and machine learning.
The technology used for the platform facilitates the discovery, collaboration and dealmaking between buyers and sellers. Buyers will receive instant quotes enabled by machine learning, price optimization and a multi-leveled digital bidding process. To ease enrolment the platform uses a SaaS workflow, document management and payments automation functionalities.

Integrated chat & video conferencing

3rd party communication tools like chat and video conferencing are part of the ecosystem so that users can conduct business without leaving the marketplace thus boosting transaction velocity and offering a seamless experience.Both buyers and sellers have access to an open review system that builds trust and ensures high- quality services.

How do you solve an automation challenge?

Unique selling proposition

We’re the first B2B marketplace for the commercial equipment industry.

Unlike two-sided marketplaces, we’re a vertically integrated Market Network, with all possible project stakeholders present here incl.

logistics partners, assembling companies, WMS/Retail software, insurance and financing companies etc.

We act as the one-stop-shop where buyers, sellers and service providers can manage long-term projects in one place.

On the “Demand side”, for the buyers we offer

  • Largest catalog selection from leading industry manufactures

  • Online sourcing and purchasing process

  • Built-in RFP process and pricing transparency

  • Multi level bidding and payment automation

  • Project Management tool

On the “Supply side”, for the equipments manufacturers and 3rd party sellers, we stand out by providing

  • New digital B2B distribution channel to sell in markets that were previously out of reach

  • Partnerships with marketplace 3rd party providers to deliver end-to-end services.

  • Referral leads to build long standing relationships

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